Online Membership

Please fill in the application form in full, stating the name of the member proposing your membership, and the name of the member seconding you membership application. (These two people must be current members and will be asked to confirm their knowledge of your application)

Once you have completed this application form please go to 'pay online - membership' to pay for your membership.

Please print the receipt that we email you, and use this as proof of your interim membership.

Your full membership is not confirmed until your application is presented to the committee at there next meeting, once your application has been approved we'll email you confirming this. You can then collect your membership card and bar swipe card from the club. If your application is refused we'll confirm this in an email to you and refund your payment in full.

Please note - application approvals can take up to 8 weeks depending on the date of the next committee meeting. However you have interim membership during this time and can enjoy membership benefits throughout this period.

Membership applications will not be processed until payment has also been received.

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